We used to order prints from @Winkflash. #NeverAgain. They defaced a pic of my daughter months ago & won't even respond to emails requesting a reprint.

If reports are true they are now out of business, I am not surprised. Their lack of respect for their customers was/is clearly evident.

Do not do business with this organization.

My email to them:

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with WinkFlash. Months ago, my wife ordered prints, some of the 8"x10" variety. One image of my daughter sent with the order had one of her front teeth colored black. Hardly a "technical issue" to anyone who sees the image. I called customer support & was assured this was merely an issue with the software. She promised me this was not a deliberate act. As such, she only offered to resend me a correct print, upon receipt of an email from me. She wanted the image ID & to see it for herself. That was back in August. I have sent two more emails since then & have still not received either the correct print nor even a confirmation my email has been read.

At this point I am beyond fuming. I have attached the image again, in hopes this can finally be resolved. To that end, I would like the corrected print we were promised - and I would like a refund of the money we paid for our order. This will bring satisfaction & will conclude any business we will be having with WinkFlash.

Please do me the courtesy of responding to my email & honoring my reasonable request.

Location: Amlin, Ohio

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Man thats plain sick for someone to deliberately deface a photo of someones child like that.


As of October 28th WinkFlash is under new ownership and is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved website! The brand-new Winkflash.com features new products, mobile apps, and promotions.

Please email us concerning this matter!

We will happily correct the issue you had with the previous website. Log in to your account, add the canvas to your shopping cart and let us know when this is done.

We will place a new order for you. We are sorry this has happened!


hello anonymous op: not only has the photo of your daughter been "defaced"-- it seems that someone has inserted what looks like an eyeball (!) into her mouth. click on the photo that you posted above and see if I am not correct.

It appears that someone at @Winkflash has been having a bit of fun. Sad.

I surely hope that your issue is/has been corrected.


I ordered back in August and still have not received my order and I have called several times and emailed several times with NO response, I want my money back its been 3 month and still no product.

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