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Is Winkflash out of business again 12-10-14?

Winkflash has not replied to my email from 5 days ago, nor the second one I sent yesterday. Their automated response says that they will reply in 48 hours, Monday through Friday. My order placed on Nov. 22 has not shipped. Their website says it is in production. There is no phone number on their website. The only option is to email them. My credit card has been charged. I had the same problem with them back in August. Finally I gave up and had the pictures printed elsewhere. Supposedly they were back in business recently. Is Winkflash out of business again?
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

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I have received an order from them recently, they seem to be back. Maybe they are just slow to respond because it is the Holidays?

Everyone is a bit busier this time of year. I'm going to continue to use Winkflash.

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Getting my pictures back

I have several family pictures saved on Winkflash. How do I get them back now that you Winkflash is out of business. Please let me know I am sorry that you Winkflash is out of business, I do not understand why. I sure did enjoy the business and ordered several pictures from you. Lots of these pictures are from my family and kids from a very young age. I am willing to pay to get those pictures back. So please make contact with me. I do not have a problem paying for the pictures to come via a CD garciajl88@***.com Jackie Garcia
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Reason of review:
No contact made by WinkFlash

Preferred solution: Please make contact with me so I can get my pictures back via a CD


Winkflash is saying that my email doesn't exist in their database. Has anyone else had this problem? I can't even get in there to get to my pictures.


me too, jbiss10. I emailed yesterday and still waiting for a response.


I have been emailing my pictures to myself to save what I don't have copies of. I am pretty disappointed in this closing and lack of communication.


This will be a slow process, but you can save the photos from your albums by clicking on the "Save full size" option to the right of the photos as you view them. I have thousands of photos on the site and am currently saving back to my computer.


I am having success e-mailing myself the pictures. Log into your account, select a folder, click the pictures you want e-mailed (or hit select all), then on the left hand side click photo options then e-mail photos.

I just started doing mine and some of the larger ones are taking awhile to arrive but so far so good. Good luck :)


I am going to try your process and see if it is faster than downloading.


I tried your suggestions and did get an entire folder back, but even choosing the full size option the photos come back at 1 to 2 % of the original sizes I saved. This is great if you only want to have copies of the photos, but you will lose quite a bit of detail.

If you are planning to print or enlarge your photos I would recommend using the download option.

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Horrible Customer Service

I made an order on 08.22.14 but my order status has been "printing" for the last three weeks. I called to cancel order as I had to go with another company to meet my deadline, but a busy signal is all I've been getting, no matter what time of day I call. How odd that they are not answering their calls. I'm perplexed. This has never happened to me before, but one time is enough for me not to trust them again. I've sent countless emails without results. I am so disappointed and frustrated. Even more upset that they have no explanation on their website as to what is going on.
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund


I have been on hold today for almost 4 hours, guessing after reading this I should hang up... :(



I was on hold for over 6 hours and was disconnected. I'm calling my credit card company and stopping charge.

Had two huge orders on 8/20 and 21.

Spoke to them and they were very nice and helpful. God knows what happened over there, but they took the money and ran!

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Prints Review

I recently ordered a few prints and for the past 3 weeks the status of the order is printing.. I sent them a email but no responce
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Barbara M Tcz
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WINKFLASH horrible customer service ruined order

Winkflash's website did not work correctly. Order arrived incorrectly printed. I called them and got rude and ignorant customer service. Despite what I was told, my order never reprinted. Then they just cancelled it without telling me. Horrible! I called and tried to explain but a discourteous rep cut me off. They have had compaints but she's still there. That tells you what they think of their customers. If you value your photos, do not use Winkflash! Read ":E-Pinions".. also negative comments about Winkflash. There are many other excellent services. You don't have to tolerate this!
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I saw this review and had to leave my own feedback. Winkflash seems to have come a very long way in recent years. Their website is GORGEOUS now! Despite some slower turnaround times and a damaged mailer, Winkflash has always been a faithful printer. I blamed the mailman for the damdged order, but Winkflash said not to worry and they mailed me a new one for free.

I say give them a chance and check out the website. They have good coupons to!


This post is so old (2013), it's not relevant now that Winkflash changed ownership. The service is terrible; many of my folders still do not have photos uploaded in them (from the old Winkflash, and i tried to call and NO ANSWER. I loved and used Winkflash for years but NO MORE.


:sigh :?

Perhaps you were too dumb to get it right

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