Here is what they told me..We would first like to offer our sincere apologies.

As you may know, in August 2014 the previous Winkflash owners shut down their website and went suddenly out of business. Overnight their entire operation was completely down and there was no way to access or retrieve any photos.

However, after a few months we were able to acquire some of the old Winkflash assets and with great effort and expense, were able to save and transfer to our server many tens of millions of photos…but unfortunately, not all. We are very sorry for all of the trouble, stress and confusion this has caused you.

As of now, we no longer have access to the images remaining on the original Winkflash servers and we are unable to import your accounts. We are truly very sorry and have put in countless hours and did our best…but because of the quick shutdown of the previous owners…the window of recovery was much shorter than expected.

Although unavoidable, we understand no words can ever be sufficient for the loss of your memories.



Location: West Bend, Wisconsin

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