I ordered 40 photos in 4x6 size. The final bill was $3.60, and I had to wait until checkout to see the shipping price.

The shipping was called "Expedited Priority Mail Shipping" and cost $8.00. Although the shipping price was high, I ordered anyway. I never received tracking info or a notification of shipment. However, my item arrived in the mail about 5 business days later in a thin white envelope with 5 USPS forever stamps on it.

This means they spent less than $3.00 to ship the item, and it was not expedited. I got ripped off on the shipping price and feel that the company was not honest about shipping.

I would not recommend buying from this company. $8.00 dollars for slow shipping was outrageous, not to mention that the photos would have been ruined if the envelope got wet by rain or other weather.

Product or Service Mentioned: Winkflash Account.

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