I have been on hold with Winkflash now for over 6 hours, and have been next in line for over two hours. We completed two very long detailed photo books with lots of narrative, tried to purchase them, got a price, but could not get a link to insert credit card number to buy them. I have received nothing but busy signals when I have been trying to call Winkflash since Monday morning. It is now Friday afternoon. I called a neighboring business who has been getting many calls like mine. They, like me, suspect Winkflash may be going out of business. Although I am still on hold and started out as number 4, I am now next in line. I suspect that no one is there, and each next in line person finally dropped off after no one answered the phone, and the succeeding person was moved up. My persistence has only resulted in my spending now 6 hours on hold. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover all the work that has gone into the photo books we created on Winkflash. If only Winkflash would announce that they have gone out of business.

I have emailed them each day this week, and have never received a response.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Respond if you are interested in a low suit action the more the flashier


What phone number are you all calling? I don't see any phone number listed on their website.

I had THOUSANDS of photos in my Winkflash account and now there is only 1 folder with 300 photos in it.

I've gone through the 4 stages of grief over this for the past year! I agree with the rest of the reviewers on here, there must be something that can be done legally and I'm still holding onto a tiny, tiny strand of hope that my photos are out there somewhere on some server...


I have left messages for them on facebook and cannot log into my account and looks like my pictures are among the missing...what is going on over there?


Winkflash printed our daughter's high school announcement with a blue dot on her teeth. Days later, they responded and sent new ones.

The top six were fine, but the other 194 have a blue dot.

It sucks that I can't call them to get them to rush the order. My daughter's graduation is looming.


Is this still the computer age? Why does Winkflash keep saying they are working 24/7 to recover out photos and yet it has been months since the new ownership.

I spent many hours storing a lifetime of photos on their service with the promise that we would have access "forever"...To the responder who asks if we've heard of a hard drive, apparently that responder has been fortunate to never have had a hard drive fail. We were all told that we were safe from hard drive failure by storing our pictures on Winkflash!!!


I have also lost all my photos, thousands !

I called, I emailed and nothing.

I put a complaint in the BBB and Winkflashes response that I am "inactivate customer' !

The photo have to be on a server somewhere.

I say we get lawyers!

This is my children's whole life's, all their memories !


Hello there,

Does anyone know if the original owners of Winkflash notified their customers that they were going out of business? My family did not receive anything and we are wondering if we missed a big notification.

Also, for those of you who are legally savvy -- is there any liability here at all? Seriously, I wonder just how many people have been affected by all of this? We were completely unaware that this could happen and wonder is others are in this position.

And yes, I have heard of a hard drive, just thought that Winkflash was secure! Live & learn!  I just can't seem to grasp the fact "yet" that all these photos and family memories can not still be retrieved.


I was a little upset when I found out that Winkflash lost my photos. I had spent a lot of time uploading all of them and I really did not want to do so again.

I am happy that Winkflash is back, just a little disappointed that my photos are no longer available.

I am however a bit surprised in reading these angry reviews that so many people have relied on a FREE web service to store their photos. Has any one ever heard of a hard drive?

My photos are very important to me, and yes, although I have to upload them again, which is not the most convenient thing in the world to do, I do however still have my photos backed up on an external hard drive.

Please Winkflash, save my photos and save me some time!


i have tried for over 2 months to just get a RESPONSE from Winkflash. NOPE.

They refuse to handle any customer service duties. I have hundreds of pictures of my 4 kids, my loved ones, etc and cannot access any of them. Winkflash has now blocked me so that they do not receive any of my messages on Facebook or via email anymore.

They are the worst company in the world and I am thoroughly pissed. I want to file a lawsuit against them and file a formal complaint with the BBB about them.


Wow, that does not sound nice at all. If that were to happen to me, I would just upload my photos to another service if I needed to order prints or something else. Why don't you just use another service for printing?


I have already gone the route of the BBB.

No help

lets get a lawyers


Does anyone know of any class action lawsuits to get the pics back? I've got to believe somebody, somewhere has them in some corporate archive.


As of October 24th WinkFlash is under new ownership and is pleased to announce the release of the new and improved website! The brand-new Winkflash.com features new products, mobile apps, and promotions.

If you have any issues, please contact our support via email.

During this busy holiday season, email is the best way to reach us. We are working hard to answer everyone's requests, and we would love to help you if you had an order issue on the previous site.

We apologize if our response time is delayed in any way during this busy season. We are working hard to answer everyone as fast as we can!


I have tried emailing repeatedly, but get no response. I have lost all of my pictures.

ALL OF THEM. And nobody is responding.


Let me clarify. Winkflash has lost all of my pictures.

My daughter's birth, her growing up years, holidays, special occasions and events...all gone. When will you start responding to your emails?


horrible company!! what the *** that there is no phone number to reach them at?????? i am so annoyed!


I too and I have spent thousands with their company I wish they could have informed their clients so they could download the photos now I am out 8 years of memories. I will never use this service again. Way to go RI and Winkflash!!!!!


"Way to go RI"? How is that RI's issue?


I just logged on to place an order. The site is redesigned, horribly I might add, and when I logged in all of my pictures ARE GONE!!!!!

I tried to call someone, but there is no phone number on their site. My first thought was they've been sold and then I saw the HQ address out of Huntington, CA and not RI. Urrr......I need my pictures back.

Very frustrating. Lori L


Same is happening to me. I Ordered something over 3 weeks ago and the order says still pending for printing.

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